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October 2016

Welcome to Art Mind Studios.

Art Mind Studios features the art and method of Gregory Bart, lifelong artist and teacher.

UPDATE: Prints now available! Visit Art Mind Studios on Inprnt.

Getting Down to Business

October, 2016

This month is about building the business end of Art Mind. Lots of exciting things are happening: I will be teaching a class on digital painting at the Rye Art Center on Tuesday nights, beginning November 1st. Sign up to learn the basics of bringing your traditional creative skills into the limitless digital universe!

I will also be offering prints of my work for sale! By the end of the month, many of my works will be available for purchase as high quality prints offered in different sizes and price ranges.

On a long term note, I will be showing my work publicly at a coffee shop in New Rochelle, NY this coming May. Though many months away, I am excited to be displaying my work again and plan to set up more shows as well.  Details to come.

Finally, I am working on some exciting new pieces! Keep checking back for updates to see new works available...

Gallery - Visionary Worlds

Gallery - Portraits

September, 2016