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July 2017

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Vital Visions

July, 2017

The most fulfilling thing for me about making artwork is bringing a visionary experience into tangible form. Whether or not we believe in other realities or dimensions, we all can have profound experiences where we see the world from a greater or truer perspective. The vision afforded by these experiences may include emotions, understandings, perceptions, perspectives, or insights into a deeper realization of who we are. Through making visionary artwork, we can articulate the meaning of these experiences to empower our lives.

For example, my recent painting “Keeper of the Lion’s Spirit” shows a warrior standing in a holy sanctuary, illuminated by an aura of a great lion spirit. The figure, colors, atmosphere, and other details convey a sense of a particular energy inherent in profound personal realizations. By manifesting this energy in a painting, it grounds it more fully both in my experience and in the world at large, and makes it available to any viewers of the painting. For me, the true joy of painting is the joy of resolving our best and highest self more fully in this world.

I sincerely believe that the practice of accessing and manifesting greater visions is fundamental to creating a healthy and positive future. Without some way of truly discovering and knowing ourselves, we are lost to superficiality and delusion. If we are to live as a contribution rather than as a burden to the world, we need to access the truth of who we are and find ways to express it in how we live. Creating art can serve exactly this purpose in a powerful and joyful way.

On that note, I would like to invite you to see some of my work on display in New Rochelle in Westchester, NY. The R Patisserie Café is showing several large prints of my digital paintings until July 15. Stop by for a superb coffee & art experience and let me know how it goes! Also, check out the Art Mind galleries Visionary Worlds and Portraits to see some of my most recent works.

With love and inspiration,

G. B.