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Art Mind Studios features the art and design of Gregory Bart, lifelong artist, designer, and arts educator. Explore the Visionary Art gallery to experience an inspiring and challenging oeuvre of paintings illuminating a unique perspective of reality. Visit the Graphic Design Services gallery if you are interested in working with us to develop compelling and unique visual solutions for your business or fashion projects.  

Why Do Artists Create Art?

To really answer this question, we need to go deep. Art pierces the heart of what it means to be human and has been an essential aspect of almost every culture throughout the world and throughout history. It has an intimate place within our sense of identity, of our spirituality, and our desire to explore and to know.

True art arises from love and vulnerability to the beauty and challenges of life. Artists sense in our creative fire the possibility of resolving the challenges in our minds, in our hearts, in our society, with a perfect victory of love. This is a glimpse of heaven, in whatever symbolic language we choose to paint it, a world in which love resounds at the center, victorious and unwavering.

I believe that the true aim of all sincere artists is the realization of heaven on earth. The glimpses of inspiration and power that we attune to as artists are ultimately steps toward heaven. Each authentic artist in our own right contributes to the grounding of heaven’s perfection in the evolutionary context of our world. We are working to reconcile the trials of history in a resolved platform on earth capable of upholding the victory of heaven.

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“Hypatia, Sage of Alexandria” (detail)

“Hypatia, Sage of Alexandria” (detail)

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