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December 2016


Rhythm in Art

December, 2016

My students have asked me why I play guitar even though I am an art teacher. The answer, I believe, is that all forms of creative expression fundamentally come from a deep inner freedom. Developing creative expression is about building techniques to allow the rhythm and voice of freedom to be expressed. This applies in different media, from traditional art to digital painting, to music, dance, and speech. To build technique in one medium allows us to find patterns that can be expressed in other media as well. Creativity is inherent to a healthy soul.

Recently I have shifted my artistic endeavors to color pencils, returning to this drawing begun in April. It's very much a meditation on the source of power - specifically martial power - as being the depth of one's spiritual heart. I'm excited to finish this piece and look forward to sharing the full version with you and offering it on my Inprnt store.


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Red Sun Rising - Work in Progress, Photoshop.

Red Sun Rising - Work in Progress, Photoshop.