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April 2018

Art & Design

of Gregory Bart:

Founder of Art Mind

April 2018: Art Evolves Reality

It's no secret that tapping into visions of what we want our life to be is key to living a happier life and achieving our goals. Art is an essential tool to accessing these visions of a greater reality. Who are we and what do we truly want? What do we want to see in the world? What inspires us to grow? Through art, we have the freedom to explore our own thoughts, feelings, and visions of this expanded perspective. We can learn to articulate them, give them life, and be empowered by their creation. This generates a cycle of exploration, revelation, and creation to evolve ourselves and our world on all levels. This is what Art Mind is about.

Detail from  Sigil of the Lion  - 2018

Detail from Sigil of the Lion - 2018

Detail from  Path of Light  - 2018

Detail from Path of Light - 2018

Visions of what Was, what Is, and what has Not Yet come to pass...

I am very excited about the art for 2018 so far...having completed Lion's Blood, which began last summer, Breath of the Gate Keeper, an evolution of 2015's Spirit of the Heart of Fire, and recently having finished Gabriel's Fire, a portrait of the hero in Shadow Guardian from 2015.

Detail from  Shadow Guardian  - 2015

Detail from Shadow Guardian - 2015

Detail from  Gabriel's Fire  - 2018

Detail from Gabriel's Fire - 2018

More epic and visionary works are in progress, and I am excited to share them with you. Thank you for being here, and I invite you to explore the galleries of Visionary Worlds and Portraits, as well as to contact me with any questions or ideas.

With love,


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