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What is Art Mind?

Art Mind Studios founder Gregory Bart is an artist and arts educator. His Art Mind approach honors the authentic creative expression of every individual, empowering artists to find their own true voice.

"The path of a true artist is none other than the path of a true human, one who undertakes a courageous life lived with integrity, and creates art in service to this life. Like spirituality itself, this orientation matures over time, yet it begins the moment we choose to honestly face reality."

Art Mind is an approach to art centered on developing inner strength. It incorporates the development of technical skill with sincere insight to create art with power. Through practice, reflection, and healing, creativity is used to bring meaning and power to one's life.

Studio Support Team

Studio Support Team


Gregory Bart

As a lifelong artist, I use a meditative approach to create pictures that ground a vision of divine perfection in the here and now.

I currently work as a graphic designer and as a public school art teacher in Westchester, NY.

I also play guitar.




Westchester-based artist and arts educator Gregory Bart creates digital paintings out of pencil drawings to show visionary and spiritual figures. Through incorporating meditative and traditional martial arts themes into his subjects, he presents viewers with archetypal figures of guardians and protectors of sacred spaces.  He has studied with renowned visionary artists Alex and Alyson Grey in techniques to access expanded states of creative expression. His pictures arise from a lifelong participation in the arts as well as a B.A. in philosophy from Binghamton University and his profession as a graphic designer and art instructor.


Artist Statement:

I create art to show that the path to an enlightened world is available to us through awakening our hearts to their fullest potential. Some of my pictures glorify people who I see as leaders along this path and who share this vision in various dimensions. Other works are visions of spiritual beings who have already mastered this path and exist in greater realms beyond our own. My commitment is to show that love, self-realization, and victory over all the forces burdening humanity are available to us through the path of awakening the heart.



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